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Orders are shipped typically within 48 hours of order's payment confirmation. Delivery may take 5-7 days depending upon you shipping address. Some products may take a bit longer subject to availability.


It is always ensured that the product ordered at is the same as described on the website and packed in water-proof, shock-proof and damage-free packing.

To make your shopping experience always safe, fear-free and pleasing, we offer 100% Guarantee on the safe delivery of orders to our buyers. If you find your product(s) damaged, we will refund back to you, subject to the conditions that you return the product to us, immediately and latest by 7 days of the receipt of the product. You must send us images of the damaged product at We will also refund you the shipping costs involved in it. 

Products /books that have been used after their delivery would not be treated as deemed fit under refund policy.  For example, if the codes associated with the books to register at publishers' websites have been used, those books would not been treated under refund policy.  Similarly, the ordered books after having been Xeroxed or photocopied would also not be treated under refund policy.