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Welcome to Kritinova!

We're a humble and happy umbrella of good brands. We're founded on the principle of doing everything which is relevant by bringing the most relevant content in most creative ways.

We started our online one-brand shop in last quarter of 2019. By the beginning of 2020 we own 4 brands. Under each brand, we make products with very specific type of designs. And each brand serve very specific purpose. 

We started with eBooks with no hands on experience of building supply chain. But we quickly learnt by doing. In few months, we integrated multiple vendors and shipping service providers with our system who make our products and deliver them across India. As a result, now we have growing portfolio of more than 500 products.

Most of us are self-taught. We are doing what we have never done before and have become experts by doing.

When we started, we had one man army, Ronak Trivedi, product designer. But our team has grown fast. Quickly incredible people from different walks of life joined us. First group of the people was the translators who did a great job by translating our books in vernacular languages. Then the content creators, social media marketers, site coder, and customer service associates joined.   

Everything we do is of exceptional quality. Today, quality is no longer defined by merely price points or distribution channels. Quality today means being authentic, being different, being unique, being functional, being beautiful. And we respect these principles. We choose to serve the educated, the curious and the intelligent who appreciate our dedication to this very genuine definition of quality.

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Happy Shopping!

Owner, Kritinova