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Sanjeev Newar is renowned Indian scholar and researcher. He is new age Yogi, internationally known versatile personality and the powerful inspiration behind this brand. One of his missions is global revival of Vedic Dharma and Indian culture through various training courses and modernized products. The unique collections of products under his brand are part of Shri Sanjeev Newar ’s ambitious Project – Reviving Sanskrit.

His innovative, influential and extensive research-based product lines include apparel for men and women, decorative posters, classic wall arts and Sanskrit books for children. His brand is the treasure house of thought provoking and meaningful contents and designs on Vedic mantras, Sanskrit words, Yoga, Meditation, Mandala Art, Ayurveda, Glory of Women, Warrior-spirit, Dharma, Indian History and Spiritually. With ‘Sanjeev Newar’ brand we bring you the opportunity to cherish with the gems of your roots.