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We use various products in our daily life which make our life more and more easy on each passing day. But, unfortunately, we hardly know whose blood and sweat behind the inventions of such great products and take these inventions for granted without giving due credit to their inventors. So, the collections of products under “The Patent Planet” brand is Kritinova’s humble effort to give tribute to such great inventors.  

Presently we have 100+ patent art products available online for men’s wear and artistic rolled and framed posters. We have specific wall art and men’s wear collections for industrialists, computer geeks, engineering students, sport personalities, bike and car lovers, doctors, house wives, and chefs. The collections lists go on and on.

You won’t find any Patent Art like these. Various sections of the patent document are assembled into one print. Painstakingly imperfections and flaws in the original patent document are removed. Patents are cleaned up with extensive digital restoration while maintaining the integrity of the original patent.

Welcome to the world of intellect and vintage creativity.